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God is sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to embrace His body, the Church! But before that sacred event unfolds active sin must be removed - cleansed from the body of Christ. God is getting ready to do something on this earth that man has never experienced before. The author, Ronnie L. Patrick, believes that we are living in the greatest time on earth that man has ever experienced - and that now is your time to allow your self to be used by God. It is time to bring mankind to a place where God desires us all to be. However, before we can ever hope to fully achieve that divine mandate and destiny, we must individually and collectively discover, understand and experience Who We Are in Christ.


We are excited to announce we will be holding Camp Meeting in October 02 -October 06!!! More details to come shortly BUT save the date because you won't want to miss out!!! We are expecting and believing for a MIGHTY MOVE OF GOD!!!
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